BHU Library Out look

March 2013

             VARANASI - 221005



The Banaras Hindu University library system with the Central Library at the apex, three Institute Libraries, namely, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Technology, and Institute of Medical Sciences, 8 Faculty Libraries, 26 Departmental Libraries, and One South Campus Library. The total collection exceeds 15.0 Lakhs


Germinated from the Telang Library at the Central Hindu School, Kamachha, in 1916, shifted to Faculty of Arts (then Central Hindu College) in 1921 and thereafter to the present premises in 1941.

It has been nurtured by eminent Librarian like -
Sir Jadunath Sarkar (Historian)

            Dr. S.R. Ranganathan (Padmashree)

            Mr. Subramanium (Padamshree)

            Dr. J.S. Sharma

            Prof.  P.N. Kaula (Padmashree)

Sri H.D. Sharma, Sri L M P Singh and others.

Dr. Ajay Kumar Srivastav is working presently as University Librarian since  26 Feb. 2011 to till date.

The Central Library has a collection of
(as on per Annual Report 2011-12)

Books :  9,25,425

Journals (Bound Volume) : 1,53,875

Current Journals : 610

Ph.D Theses : 15,921

Manuscripts : 7227

 It also has special collection of 

United Nations & Govt. of India Pubs.

Staff Publications Collection

Rare & Out of Print Books

Local History Collection

University & its Founder Collection


for 359 days in a year
8.00 AM to 9.00 PM on weekdays; and
10.00 AM to 9.00 PM on Sundays &Holidays

The Library Provides study facility through

Lending for home study (for members)

Lending to Departmental Libraries

It also provides services, like :

          Reprographic service @ 50 paise per exposure

Free Internet facility for online access to Journals

Printout of downloaded data from Internet @ Re.1.00 per page

         Online access to above 13000 Full Text Journals

Inter-Library Loan and Electronic Document Delivery Service        

The sections on ground floor are:

1.      Reference section

2.      Text Books Section

3.      Manuscripts and Rare Collection Section

4.      Photocopying Section

5.      Internet Section

6.      Books Stack

The sections on the first floor are:

U.N. & Government Publication Section

Books Purchase (Acquisition) Section

    Technical Section for Indian language books.

          Computer Division / Server Room

 The sections located in the Annexe Building :

                                                Technical Section (English)

                                                Periodical section & News paper (Current)

                                                Periodical (Stack )

                                                Thesis Section

This is the Section where readers get registered as members of the Library. Only members have the privilege of barrowing the books for home use.

To become a member a student has to produce the admission fee receipt of the current session and the latest Identity Card. Students get  as many reader’s  ticket as they are entitled to borrow books .  Against one reader’s ticket one book is  issued. To become a member, teachers and other employees of the university have to fill a form and get it  forwarded by the Head of the Department.  Teachers and employees get a passbook for getting books issued.

The circulation counter functions

from 10.30 A.M. to 4.30 P.M. on weekdays and

remains closed on Sundays and holidays.

The books are issued for two months. The no. of volumes to be issued at a time are:

Under Grduates                    : 2 books
Post Grduates                        : 4 books
Research Scholars                 : 6 books
Assistant Professors              : 10 books
Associate Professors              : 15 books
Professors                              : 20 books
Non Teaching (Officers)       : 10 books

For Retired Faculty members special library consultation facility started with the caution money of Rs. 2000/- . In this facility they can avail all the services of library including issuing of four documents.


Reference Section is located in the Circular Hall. Around the walls are glass panel of almirahs where important reference books are shelved. Reference books includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, year-books, handbooks, geographical and biographical dictionaries, bibliographies, etc. This library has one of the best reference collections in the country.

One reference librarian or Readers Advisor is always available in the Reference Section who is specially trained to help readers in finding out information from reference books and from other information sources. They  also help readers in consulting the library catalogue including OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue).

How to search a Book ?

Books are arranged according to the subject  content of each book. Each book is given a number  known as the Call Number. This number is written on the spine of each book and is also written on the corresponding cards in the Card Catalogue.

This library uses Colon Classification. Some old books are arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification scheme.

Catalogue is the key to the library collections. Before going to the shelves it is advisable to consult the catalogue to know a particular book is available in the library or not, and if it available then one should note down the Call Number written by pencil on the Catalogue Card.

OPAC Terminals are available in the Central Hall of the Library. In OPAC books can be accessed by even a single key word. It may be the part of Title, Author, Subject or any other term. The search results are helpful  to get the complete details of the documents related to search query.


A Textbook Section has been created in the Central Library nearby central hall. Copies of every textbook are kept in this section. Books are not issued but available for consultation only.

It is open from 9.00 A.M. to 9.00 P.M. on weekdays and from 10.30 A.M. to 9.00 P.M. on holidays.


The Library has good collection of periodicals in various subject fields.  It presently subscribes above 600 print periodicals.

Periodical Section of the Central Library is located in annexe building. Loose issues of periodicals are displayed and stored in the specially designed racks for the purpose. The back volumes of periodical are shelved in the periodical stacks area of the annexe building., There are separate reading area for loose and bound volumes.

Periodicals in the subject fields of medical sciences, engineering and technology, law, education, botany, physics, chemistry are available in the concerned Institute/ Faculty/ Departmental Libraries.


Copy of the thesis approved for Ph.D and D.Litt in the Banaras Hindu University is kept in the Theses Section. Above Fourteen thousand titles of theses are there in the Section.

A separate catalogue by author, title, subject has been provided in-front of the section. The computerized catalog is also available in theses section. Thesis can be search through OPAC also.


The journey of books started from acquisition section to technical section after accessioning. In technical section books processed with the help of Colon Classification scheme and unique call number provided to it.
The database of books created in SOUL software and now catalogue card generated on the pattern of AACR-2 using SOUL Library Automation Software of UGC/INFLIBNET.

The barcoding, lebelling and other steps applied on document and make it fit for issue. Later on books sent from this section to Book Stack where user can consult it or make them issue for use.


This Library has one of the largest collection of the United Nations and its agency publications, as it is one of the four depository libraries in the country. These publications are specially valuable for research scholars as they give the latest developments in economic, social, political and educational spheres in the world.

This section also has government publications. Emphasis is on Central Government and Uttar Pradesh Government publications. Important government publication is purchased. The total no. of documents in this collection is over twenty thousands.



The University has a fairly large collection of Sanskrit and Persian manuscripts. Besides the Central Library these manuscripts are also kept in the Bharat Kala Bhavan and the Faculty of Oriental Learning and Theology. Sanskrit manuscripts number 10,433 out of which 5695 are in the Central Library, 4520 in the Bharat Kala Bhavan and 218 in the Faculty of Oriental Learning and Theology. These are in several scripts including Sarda (Old Kashmiri), Grantha (Tamil Script), Devanagari, Telugu and Bengali.  Some of the manuscripts are on palm leaf, bhojpatra, bamboo and the rest are on paper.


Rare books make a library unique and valuable. BHU Library has many rare books - some of them published in the 17th and 18th centuries. The digital library of the manuscripts created in central library, so access can be possible with the help of computer terminals.


The Reprographic Section of the Library is equipped with four photocopying machines. Photocopy of periodical articles and parts of books are made available to the readers at a nominal rate of 50 paise per exposure for the use of academic and research purpose.


To fulfill the information needs of the user through information/document supply is a document delivery service. BHU library is a document delivery centre of INFLIBNET for supply of documents to the faculty and researchers of MP, UP, Bihar and North East states.


BHU Library provides consultation facilities to outside scholars on the basis of letter of introduction and charges are @ Rs. 20/- per day or Rs. 500/- per month basis.


Internet connectivity with above 15 terminals has been provided for the use of teachers, researcher and undergraduate and postgraduate students of the university for browsing of websites and databases, of their interest. This can be used for sending messages/ information also. The Internet access facility is free of cost but nominal charges for printouts @ Re. 1.00 per page.


BHU Library is a part of UGC-INFONET, INDEST and ERMERD Consortia for e-resource subscription.

UGC-INFONET : BHU is having access to above 13,000 online journals and databases, out of them above 6000 under UGC-Infonet consortia.

It includes publications of American Chemical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry, Institute of Physics, American Institute of Physics, American Physical Society (AIP/APS), Nature group of journals, J-STOR, Science Magazine, Science Direct (Elsevier), Project Muse (Social Science & Humanities), Emerald journals and e-books, Cambridge University Press, Springer, Kluwer Online Publications, Sage e-books, etc. BHU is having access to databases like Chemical Abstracts, Biological Abstracts, CAB abstracts, Proquest (thesis/ dissertation database).

ERMED : ElectronicResources on Mediacl Sciences are available to Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu Universit. The link address is It is having fulltext access to about 3000 journals on campus wide network.

INDEST : Indian National Digital Library in Engineering Science and technology. This is the service provided via IT Main Library which is the member for INDEST Consortia.
The Faculty of Law Library subscribe some legal databases. It includes West Law International, Manupatra, Ind-Law, Case Law etc.

The access is available to all users through campus wide network of BHU on IP address authentication. For details visit the BHU website where the link for Library available

 Recent Activities: 

 1.     National Seminar on “Print to E-Resources: Challenges and Opportunities held at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi during 15-16 April, 2011.
2.     Online Resources: User Education Programme & Book exhibition on Mahamana Malaviya Ji & Gurudev Ravindra Nath Tagore.
3.          International Workshop on “Strengthening the Academic Library to enhance Agriculture Education” held at Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University during 15-16 Dec. 2011.
4.  National Seminar on Access to E-resources under N-LIST of UGC- INFLIBNET, held at BHU Library on 6th January 2012.
 5.  Celebration of 150th Birth Anniversary of  Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviya Ji: Inauguration of Book Exhibition and Launch of Mahamana Digital Library (21 Dec. 2012).
6.    Author workshop: Information Literacy Program in Association with Springer & Edanaz Group (24Jan. 2013).
BHU Cyber Library inaugurated by Dr. Karan Singh, Hon’ble Chancellor, BHU with Dr. Lalji Singh, VC, BHU on 3rd March 2013. It is started in a fully air conditioned hall with above 200 computer for access to online e-resources, e-books and various digital libraries of the world for academic and research purpose.

Cyber Library will increase the research productivity of BHU and serve the users with global information. 

Dr. Ajay Kumar Srivastav

University Librarian, BHU

Deputy Librarian

Dr. M. Anandamurgan

Dr. Sanjiv Saraf

Dr. D K Singh

Dr. G C Kendadamath

Dr. Vivekanand Jain

Assistant Librarian

Mr. Anil Agrawal

Dr. (Mrs.) Suchita Singh

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh

Mr. Jawahar Lal

Mr. Ram Kumar Dangi

Mrs. Sneha Tripathi


For Further Information, Please Contact s

University Librarian

Banaras Hindu University Library

Varanasi – 221005